Grand Mountain Adventure, a finalist at the Big Indie Awards 2018, has finally raced its way onto Android. The hugely impressive open-world skiing title hails from Swedish developer Toppluva, a studio made up of 3 snowboarding brothers.

New players will find themselves at the bottom of the imposing Hirschalm ski resort. This introductory area is where you’ll learn the essentials and begin collecting ski passes, an important item that allows you to advance further up each of the game’s 5 mountains.

The game appeals to those looking for an intense extreme sports experience, as well as exploration-focused players. Each mountain offers plenty of incentive to head off the beaten path to uncover well-hidden secrets, challenges, and trick spots.

Using the game’s responsive, satisfying controls, you can achieve a range of wonderfully inventive tricks – including spins, mid-air flips, rails, and impressive combos.

The mountain environments are really a sight to behold, boasting some of the flat-out best snow and weather effects on mobile. It’s not all purely visual, though, and so you’ll need to keep an eye out for devastating avalanches and rock falls.

The first mountain is available for free, though you’ll need to make a one-off payment to unlock the other 4 – a fair monetisation model, for sure. On top of that, you don’t have to expect any microtransactions or gameplay-disrupting ads.

If you’re looking to test your mettle with an extreme sports title, look no further than the stellar Grand Mountain Adventure, now available on Google Play.

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