Get yourself a headstart on the Halloween season, as Nexon and Nitro Studios bring a scarily earlier seasonal update to its racer, KartRider: Drift. Season 4: Hallo-Drift brings spooky new tracks, characters, and even a striking new mode for everyone to sink their fangs into.

Crossover Mode is a brand new way to play, and combines aspects from the two core existing modes; Speed and Item. Item boxes will spawn on the track for racers to collect and use, and you will be able to fill up that Boost Gauge through drifting to make sure you get that box before anyone else. It’s a combination of the best that Drift has to offer.

You will be able to tackle this new mode with the new characters; Draky and Spirit Kid. As you may have figured out, Draky is a vampire who prefers to hit the track when the moon is shining, whilst Spirit Kid is a playful but shy ghost who plays her pranks underneath an ever-present mask. You can pick these two up through the Racing Pass and then hit tricky new tracks such as Specter Pass, Dark Castle, and Cemetry Circuit.

On top of all this new content, there are also a few quality-of-life improvements to smooth off the edges. The matching process has been refined, with the options and difficulty of AI matching getting boosts so players can have a more competitive time. The tutorial for Matchmaking and Matchmaking options has also been added,

The biggest and best change however has to be the removal of restrictions on license levels, so that any players can jump straight into the action wherever they please, which is excellent news. Finally, Speed Mode has been given a bit more of that eponymous force, with the removal of the drift gauge decrease that happened upon collision.

KartRider: Drift is available to download from the App Store and Google Play.

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