The Sims Freeplay guide - Understanding the circle of life

Posted by Jennifer Allen on January 24th, 2016
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Confidently enjoying its time riding high in the iTunes chart, The Sims Freeplay has been quite a hit since its initial release. That’s because completing day-to-day chores is pretty satisfying here, if not in real life.

We could write hundreds of thousands of words on the game but for now, we’re going to focus on putting you through the paces with some of the life stages in The Sims Freeplay.


Unlike in real life, you need to make sure you have a cot in your house before you have a baby. You also need to be married, before waiting a day for the stork to arrive. The Sims Freeplay is old-fashioned like that.

Babies can’t do much, but make sure they practice walking and crawling. You can also unlock a xylophone to teach them the musical expressions hobby, which is a great way of forming their future.


Toddlers still need plenty of hands-on care from an adult, but they also do a little more.

They can learn two hobbies. There’s the toddler playhouse for fun and wearing them out, as well as collecting seashells at the beach.


Preteens are trouble. OK, that might just be my personal experience.

They don’t need adults to do a lot of things, but they still need some help.

They can pick up various hobbies like ballet, karate, diving, figure skating, and collectingseashells (if you didn’t already start as a toddler).

They’re money sponges though, as they don’t make much money other than what they pick up via hobbies.


Teens can do so much more! Right down to the ability to drive, providing they have an adult with them.

Hobbies wise - they can do cooking, diving, figure skating, arcade gaming, spell casting, broomstick flying, breakdancing, juggling, surfing, and catwalk modelling. They put your teenage years to shame, don’t they? I certainly don’t remember having the option to cast spells when I was that age.

Oh, but don’t expect them to make much money. They like spending it though.


Ahh, the moneymakers. Those poor adults. You name it, they can do it. They can do all the previously mentioned hobbies along with things like ghost hunting, fishing, horse vaulting, pinball, and salsa dancing.

There’s a catch though - they kind of need a career. These can be as exciting as acting, fire fighting, teaching, or erm becoming a real estate agent.


Seniors can’t work - yay for retirement.

They can however take up quilting, bird feeding, and bingo. It’s all very stereotypical, but hey, there’s new things to do!

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