The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross has released its latest game update to celebrate three years since The Holy War Festival began. Players will be able to add a new character, take part in multiple limited-time events, and of course, be buried under a myriad of gifts.

This update brings with it not only gifts but some lovely new content. Chapter 26 has been updated to give plays the opportunity to earn the Diamond and Artifact Card upon completion. In addition, the Underground Labyrinth Season 3 has kicked off to enjoy, whilst New Holy Relics for Goddess of Beauty Freyjia and Mono of Blood and Iron have been updated.

A powerful new character is available in the shape of The Four Archangels Mael of Sunshine. You can pull this new hero from the Origin of the Sun Festival Draw, along with exciting heroes like Twisted Darkness Beserk Estarossa or Demon King’s Deputy Executioner Zeldris. An SSR hero is guaranteed at 300 and 600 mileage, with Mael of Sunshine themselves being guaranteed at 900.

If you aren't too picky with your heroes, then the Special Thank you Draw is for you. If you manage to log in throughout both Part 1 and Part 2 of this banner, you will net a total of 264 heroes, a mind-bending number. You will also get yourselves 200 Diamonds from the Holy War Festival Check-in Event as you do it.

To earn some rewards a bit more hands-on, check out the 3rd Anniversary Special Missions. By completing all five of them you will get prizes such as Festival Tickets and UR Evolutions Pendants. To test your luck, check out the Lucky Cards event which will give you a random gift depending on the card you pull. If fate wills it, you could even nab an Even Costume for Mael of Sunshine.

When you have finished amassing your new army, try the new recruits out against the Event Boss Battle, Aboru. Rewards will be given based on the accumulated score of clearing the battle, which you can enhance for items such as a Lucky Bag Ticket, a Global 3rd Anniversary Card Pack, and the Event Costume if you didn’t get lucky.

To benefit from all the goodies, download The Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross from the App Store and Google Play now.

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