The Sandbox Welcomes Cutethulu in its Latest Update and We're All Doomed

Posted by Rob Rich on September 1st, 2015
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

Another month, another update to Pixowl's The Sandbox. This time players can say hello to "Cutethulu" - an adorable little rendition of perhaps the most well known (and infamous) of the Elder Gods.

Don't let the adorableness fool you, though. Cutethulu can fly, call down meteors to decimate the landscape, and even open portals to summon minions. Then there's the Spawn of Cutethulu, who can also fly and utilize kamikaze attacks to transform just about any living creatures into Aberrations. Doesn't sound quite so cute anymore, huh?

The Cutethulu update for The Sandbox is available now, and as always you can grab the game itself off the App Store for free.

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