Snail Games's mobile martial arts MMO, Age of Wushu Dynasty, is all set for launch on iOS and Android in January 2016.

It's based on the 2013 PC MMORPG, Age of Wushu, and transports you to a stylised version of the Ming Dynasty era of Chinese history.

You, as a martial arts master, have to travel the world seeking other Kung Fu masters to defeat in battle and build up your dynasty.

There are no classes in this MMORPG. Instead, you'll build your character however you wish by equipping it with a specific weapon and learning a variety of skills from four different schools of martial arts.

All of the combat and skill animations have been modeled on renowned Kung Fu masters so you'll be witnessing genuine Kung Fu moves while you play.

Finally, you can play alongside your friends in cooperative multiplayer or against your enemies in the PvP modes.

Age of Wushu Dynasty will launch on iOS and Android in January 2016.

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