It is time to start expanding your squad, with the Half-elven Warrior Arwen Undómiel joining the fray in The Lord of the Rings: Heroes of Middle-Earth. Arriving June 9th, her skills give her the makings of an absolute powerhouse for your support role.

If you know much about the lore, then it’s safe to say Arwen doesn’t see much action in the Tolkien universe, even her big moment in the movie franchise was pinched from another Elf in the books. Luckily, however, this Heroes of Middle-earth Arwen is quite the fighter.

Her standard attack, Guarded Slash, deals moderate damage, however, it also has a 50% chance to proc a stack of Defensive to your most wounded squad member, raising to a guaranteed chance at max level, making this a superb starting point for a supporting character as you wait for her specials.

Deadly Earnest covers the other side of the supportive spectrum. Costing three Stamina, it attacks an enemy and dispels one Boon for them, and at max upgrade dispels two whilst also filling up Arwens’ Turn Meter, with more boons resulting in more meters. If you use this skill when she has 5 Boons, that's an instant extra turn.

Our final active skill is The Evening Star which is quite an excellent skill for a Rivendell squad in particular. It will set you back four stamina, or five when upgraded, and will clear one Bane from two squad members with most, whilst also giving all your allies one stack of Regeneration for a turn. At max upgrade, however, this will clear one bane from everyone, also grant the Regeneration stack as well as an addition stack to anyone under 50% health, and on top of this, grant the most wounded Rivendell squad member Immunity for a turn. Truly an unmissable skill for your Elf team.

Let’s not forget her Passive ability either, Light of Rivendell. When a teammate hits below 50% Health, there's a 50% chance they will gain a stack of Nimble. At max, this stack is guaranteed, and if they are a Light character there's a 50% to cleanse one bane, and they will also gain 10% Damage.

Arwen is truly an excellent support character, so download Heroes of Middle-Earth now from the App Store and Google Play.

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