The King of Fighters ALLSTAR, Netmarble's popular action RPG, has once again been updated with a plethora of new content. This includes battle cards, events and 21 new fighters, which increases the already sizeable roster even more.

Among those new characters will be three FES grade fighters which include AS Elizabeth, XIV Rock Howard, and 03 Adelheid. There will also be two other fighters - AS Swimsuit Mai and AS Swimsuit Angel – that can be collected through event roulette using tickets obtained from event missions. The roulette will run between June 25th – July 8th for Mai and July 9th – July 23rd for Angel.

In addition to these fighters, there will be a host of Battle Cards added to the game. That means more Special Battle Cards, Set Battle Cards and Option Battle Cards will be available for players to collect.

Elsewhere, the Tower of Trials' Floors 51 – 60 will receive a plethora of more powerful enemies for players to overcome. More fearsome foes will also mean added prizes, however, which include the likes of Skip Tickets, Plus Capsules, Souls, and Rubies.

There will also be a Hot Time Event which will run from June 25th – July 22nd. This will increase the rewards players will obtain from Souls Quests and Power-Up Dungeons for a limited time. Finally, Elemental Advent Dungeons will receive a new difficulty setting that's called Lunatic.

The King of Fighters ALLSTAR is available now over on the App Store and Google Play. It's a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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