The King of Fighters ALLSTAR's latest update introduces a brand new fighter to its ever-growing roster alongside a series of events for players to tackle. The latest character to arrive is Elizabeth Blanctorche, Controller of the White Light.

Elizabeth is a Green Defensive fighter who is capable of giving an ATK Buff and Power Charge increase to Defense fighters. Additionally, when landing a Skill Hit on enemies she will also inflict Starlight damage on them.

Alongside Elizabeth's arrival, there a variety of new in-game events to participate in. The first is the Event Guild Raid Dungeon that sees players working together to defeat Lady Chang Koehan. Managing to do so will net players rewards such as Event Roulette tickets and a Guild Mystery Raid Box. This box may contain Rare Hammers, Elite Fire Elements and Event Raid Coins among other items.

Elsewhere, there's Fighter Roulette where players will be able to earn tickets that can then be exchanged for rewards including Lovely Kula, the Lovely Kula Special Card and AS Gold Souls. There is also Winter Daily Check-in event underway too, that will net players 1500 Rubies and x30 Fighter Summon Tokens for logging into the game for seven consecutive days.

Finally, the Lunatic difficulty level has been unlocked for Guild Raids. Likewise, the Inferno difficulty level for Element Advent Dungeons has also been added, which will be good news for those craving a tougher challenge than before.

The King of Fighters ALLSTAR is available now over on the App Store and Google Play. It's a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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