The King of Fighters Allstar is bringing out a fantastic amount of new content, including a new grade of fighter, two new game modes, and the introduction of one of the most revered storylines in KOF lore. The Ash Saga comes to the mobile game, giving players a host of new stages to clear and rewards to collect.

This new Ultimate grade of fighter comes with an exclusive skill; Phantom Awakening, and when under Phantom Mode their stats will increase. Each of these grades of warriors also gains a UE skill they can use once they activate this mode. Finally, these fighters start at their maximum potential, so you can bring them right into the action.

Our first Ultimate fighter is UE Ash Crimson, a Green Element Attack Type. As a leader, he will buff the Attack of Green element fighters, which his special skill also being a buff, this time to Blast skill damage. This will proc whenever you hit an Elite or Boss monster with Active Skills, so is fairly limited in its use. Overall, not the strongest new character.

The second Ultimate grade character is UE Maki Kagura, this time a Red Element Defense type. She comes with a stacking buff that will activate upon active skill use, and when this hits a certain cap, she will gain an increase to ATK and Active Skill DMG for a few seconds. Again, she doesn’t sound too impressive, especially as a Defense type only gaining an ATK buff.

Along with these new fighters comes a new challenge to tackle in the Tower of Illusion. Each of these stages is built with team synergy in mind, so players will need to create specific teams to clear them all, a nice test of your roster depth, In order to best this beast, you will need to master the new Plugin equipment item. A total of 5 types of these can be farmed in the Plugin Plant and can enhance your fighter's stats.

Download King of Fighters Allstar from the App Store and Google Play, to be in with a chance of earning 20,000 Rubies during this event.

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