Action RPG The King of Fighters Allstar receives a bumper update bringing with it two returning characters and battle cards. Although seen before, they are back with renewed appearances, alongside a few events with some major prizes to earn.

If you pull one of these two characters and feel the instant need to punch someone in the face, the Rush Dungeon has multiple rounds to clear, with the reward of Nakoruru Dice and Fighter Power Up items when beaten. The Challenge dungeon will open up after claiming one of the new fighters, with a bunch of enticing rewards to grab upon clearing each stage.

Both of the fighters are Balance Types and bring a suite of incredibly useful skills to make party selection a headache. XV Nakoruru’s Leader Skill will increase the ATK power of Blue element fighters, making them an excellent choice already for the team. Their Active Skill reduces the Finisher Skill cooldown to pump out major damage quicker, whilst also granting Symbol to enemies with physical damage. If you manage to snag their battle card and equip it, Nakoruru will be able to fully reset her cooldown time for Finisher Skills.

XV Haohmaru also comes equipped with a very nice Leader Skill, increasing the fighter’s Active Skill Damage and Finisher Skill, giving a nice boost to offense. Haohmaru also excels in defence as well, being immune to Stun and Freeze which allows him to preserve any DMG received, and even recovers when an Active Skill lands, a very intriguing prospect to build around. Haohmaru can boost his power, even more, when equipped with his battle card, being able to increase Damage on use.

To celebrate the update, Netmarble is running a Login bonus event, gifting rare items such as Team Samurai Badge Fragment and Haohmaru Commemorative Gift Fragment. There will even be a new mini-game where you can roll a die to acquire a variety of rewards such as Rubies and the Enhancement Hammer.

The King of Fighters Allstar is available to download now on the App Store and Google Play.

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