Publisher Smilegate is preparing to launch the sequel to its award-winning tank battler, Super Tank Rumble. Super Tank Blitz, as it's known, will be a sizeable step above its predecessor, delivering plenty of new features that mix up the action and keep the online fights fresh.

It revolves around unlocking, customising, and doing battle with a varied selection of tanks. They all come with unique properties and themes, with some looking like the deadliest igloo or train you've ever seen.

Gaining mastery over their sub weapons and special gadgets is important when going up against tough online opponents, but despite the level of strategic play on offer, Blitz is aiming to remain accessible and enjoyable for all.

The addition of new Commanders and an improved Assembly system give the game a greater deal of tactical depth. At launch, you can expect to see 12 collectable characters, each with their own basic attacks and devastating skills, meaning you'll have to think carefully about who you opt to take into battle with you. As you continue to progress, you can level up your Commanders and improve their overall combat efficiency.

If you're looking for a fun, fast-paced casual game, you can register your interest to play Super Tank Blitz right now over on its official site and Google Play. It's set to arrive on iOS and Android in July.

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