A big game update is always a treat. Multiply that by four and you're having a really good week. Those weeks don't come around very often, but you're in luck. This chilly mid-November is chock full updates for some of your favorite titles, and they're real game changers. Here are four of the biggest updates out now or arriving in the next few days.


Expect big changes in Morphite this Thursday, as the game adds iPhone X and iCloud support. Titled the "Abandoned" update, players will also be treated randomly generated abandoned spacecraft and ancient temples, as well as even more scannable plant and animal life. And if you're itching to relive the magic, you can now replay Story missions.

Bubble Witch 2 Saga

King's magical bubble popping game gets a fresh batch of twenty levels for players to conquer. Clear out colorful bubbles in a series of clever puzzles. We're excited to see what prizes are in store for us this time.

Space Marshals 2

Space Marshals 2 gets an entire DLC pack dedicated to Ava, one of the game's characters. Ava's getting an entirely unique side story and 10 new levels. This character plays completely differently, allowing you to approach the game with a fresh set of eyes and renewed strategy.

Iron Marines

If you've beaten Iron Marines, but aren't ready to let go just yet, the game's first update offers up new missions and debuts additional premium characters for purchase as well. iPhone X support is incoming, too.

Are you still playing any of the games on this list? Let us know what you think of the changes in the comments below.

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