It's party season right now, which means you might be looking for some iPhone or iPad games that all of your guests can enjoy, so we've written up a short list of the best same-room multiplayer experiences that are available on the App Store.

If you've got your own suggestions then please do chuck them in the comments section at the bottom of the article - who knows, you might manage to save someone's festivities from disaster, and that's the sort of present we should all be giving when we're able.

Space Team

- download for iOS

The very best same-room games play around with how people interact, and few of them do it better than Space Team. The game is all about trying to guide a spaceship through the cosmos, tapping and sliding buttons on your screen as you do. You'll get commands you need to follow, but often the switches that need switching are going to be on someone else's device. Cue loads of shouting and laughing as you try to figure out who's got to press what.

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Mucho Party

- download for iOS

A collection of mini-games with some really neat ideas mixed in to them. Think a Wario game but with a less wicked sense of humour and loads of bright colors. The games here only last a few seconds, so people are going to be swapping in and out on a regular basis. You have to take a photo of your face to represent your in-game character as well, which is a great way to get everyone cackling.

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Progress to 100

- download for iOS

This one isn't strictly a multiplayer game, but you'll be surprised at how effective it is in drawing people in. It's a puzzler that uses every conceivable input mechanism on your phone or tablet. You're going to be shaking your device, turning off the screen, swiping, tapping, and much much more as you try and work out how to change the monochromatic hue of the game's levels.

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