It's pretty much been one big release after another. We were privy to a bunch of surprises this week, with a lot of games we'd been waiting for quite some time dropping unexpectedly. We hope you're free this weekend, because there is a lot for you to play. Here are our favorite favorite new games of the week.

Another Lost Phone: Laura's Story

This is a worthy follow up to A Normal Lost Phone. This time the game tells the story of the titular Laura as you scroll through text messages, e-mails and browser histories to uncover the story of a life. It's easily one of the best mobile visual novels out there.


Stormbound is a minimalistic, stylish turn-based strategy game with some fun CCG elements thrown in for good measure. Your goal is to take out your opponents castle by sending units across the board to attack, though your enemy will do the same to you in kind. Matches are short but challenging, and the artwork is fantastic.

The Witness

Jonathan Blow's latest game, The Witness, is finally available on mobile. The game looks fantastic on iOS, and the game's new touchscreen controls are fluid and easy to learn. If you like dastardly difficult puzzles a la Myst you shouldn't skip out on The Witness. .


Morphite is the mobile space exploration game you've always wanted. Unlike No Man's Sky, Morphite provides the player with a direction to follow, leading to a rewarding questline. At the same time, the game's universe feels vast and rich for exploring.

Thimbleweed Park

LucasArts' Ron Gilbert returns to his roots in this new point-and-click adventure. Thimbleweed Park is an eerie mystery tale on the surface, though it's not long before things veer into the supernatural.

What's the best new game you've played this week? Let us know in the comments below!

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