Gather round, 148Apps friends. It's time, once again, to reflect on all of the good, good games we were lucky to play this week. There's something for everyone on this list if you're looking to try something new -- from multiplayer shooters to strategic adventure games.

There was a lot of good stuff out this week, but we've managed to narrow our list down to five of the best. Off we go!

Swipe Casters

We're quite pleased with ;Swipe Casters, a delightful fantasy battle game that makes full use of mobile touch controls. Assuming the role of a wizard, you'll be swiping and tapping to cast a wide number of spells to take out an assortment of pixelated beasties.

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Noblemen: 1896

This stylish cover shooter is quite imaginative. Set in an alternate version of 1896, in which the United States is locked in a fierce war while the general populace suffers from a massive plague. Players are cast as a soldier in the resistance movement, where they'll guide their troops through fierce, cover-based combat.

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Mini Guns

It's a great week for fans of military games, that's for sure. Mini Guns may be a game about toy soldiers, but it's anything but a game for babies. The game features over 100 collectible toys that you can send into multiplayer, strategic combat against real-life opponents.

Smashy Duo

It turns out tennis pairs quite well with the zombie apocalypse, at least in Smashy Duo. This fun, breezy arcade game sees you controlling two heroes who use tennis balls to take out the zombie horde. It's quite refreshing when zombie games seem to be so overdone these days.

The Walking Dead: March to War

Disruptor Beam takes The Walking Dead games in a new direction in March to War. It's a multiplayer strategy game set in Washington D.C., in which players must work together if they want to eke out any sort of existence in the post-apocalyptic world.

Tell us which new games you're enjoying this week in the comments below.

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