Happy Friday, 148Apps friends. It's time for our weekly roundup, where we come together every Friday to reflect on the best games we've played this week. This week was a bit sparse, but the new games we did get were pretty high quality. Moreover, the games were super interesting, and you'll find that each game on this list does something unique. Let's get started.

Dragon Project

If you've been yearning for a Monster Hunter game on iOS, look no further than Dragon Project. It takes a lighter approach to the Monster Hunter grind of fighting monsters for loot, upgrading your weapons, and setting out to fight bigger and badder monsters. Dragon Project condenses the grand scale of Monster Hunter into smaller quests that you can complete in the space of a few minutes, creating a more accessible version of the niche for fans on the go.

Stranger Things: The Game

The first of two licensed games on this list, Stranger Things: The Game is a capable action adventure title in its own right, with all of the classic 80s aesthetic you know and love from the Netflix series. Players collect a cast of familiar characters to uncover mysteries in Hawkins, Indiana. It's a good lead up to the second season, but it's also a great little adventure game even if you're not a fan of the show.

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Geostorm is the companion game to the upcoming disaster film Geostorm. Say what you will about the pending movie, but Geostorm is a well-designed puzzle platformer in the style of games like Lara Croft GO. You guide characters from the film through a series of adventures in a fight for survival, solving some truly tricky puzzles along the way.


That Game Company's PlayStation masterpiece Flower has found a new home on iOS. When you play it in its mobile form, it feels as though the game were designed for this platform alone. Players tilt their device to guide a lone flower petal through a series of beautifully designed levels, collecting hundreds of dazzling flower petal friends along the way. It's quiet story is quite moving, but the presentation alone will move you.

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REKT! is a stunt racer mashed up with a BMX style title. Drive a car through a spacious arena, completing flips and tricks for points, trying to rack up a high score. Along the way there are challenges to complete for bonuses. It's easy to learn, but difficult to master, making it a fun challenge to perfect in short bursts, as each round is only one minute long.

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What are your favorite games that you played this week?

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