Friday has crept up on us once again, so it's time to honor the best new games we've played over the past few days. This past week was a pretty exciting one, with the debut of lots of beautiful new indies and some familiar faces returning to the fray. There are a lot of excellent new games to dig into this weekend, so we hope you've freed up some space on your calendar!

7 Wonders

The classic board game makes its digital debut this week. If you haven't played it in its analogue form, it's a deck-building game that tasks you with creating the greatest civilization ever. Of course, there will be competing empires vying for that same goal, so you'll have to be clever about it.

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Reigns: Her Majesty

Reigns returns this week and its bigger and better than ever. This time around, you're the monarch of a kingdom with shifting factions fighting for your favor. You'll have to make some tough decisions, many of which will have unexpected consequences. In Her Majesty, you'll find an overarching storyline that spans generations, and you'll discover items and spells that you can use to effect change in the future.

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Far From Noise

Far From Noise is a surprising narrative game that tells the story of a woman trapped in a car that's teetering on the edge of a cliff. Tense, relaxing, and odd all in one turn, you'll explore branching dialogue that tries some pretty clever new things.

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Amazing Katamari Damacy

Speaking of odd, Katamari Damacy is back, and now it's on mobile for the first time. Amazing Katamari Damacy shifts the series' classic format into an endless runenr that sill maintains that weird Katamari spirit. You'll roll any matter of things into a giant ball for -- reasons. It's odd, but strangely satisfying and addictive.

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Portal Knights

The incredibly popular sandbox game is now available on iOS and Android. Explore a world full of islands rich with crafting materials, dungeons, and dangerous enemies. Build a base, make friends, or get rich in a fun fantasy Minecraft-like where the possibilities are limitless.

What's the best new game you played this week? Tell us about it in the comments.

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