The hits continue to come fast and strong this month, as August welcomes in game after game, many of them of very high quality.

It's been another busy week, but we're not complaining. This week saw the arrival of some of the best mobile games possibly this year! Some are adorable, some are a little more hardcore, but there's something to please every type of mobile gamer this week. Here are our top three.

Cat Quest

We were quickly charmed by Cat Quest, an adorable open-world RPG set in a world run by -- you guessed it -- fluffy little kitties. The game features addictive loot hoarding a la Diablo with some of the best innovations in open-world RPG mechanics as of late to create a surprisng and satisfying combo. This is the mobile RPG to play this year.

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Titanfall: Assault

Titanfall's mobile debut is a CCG that impresses with its sheer stylishness. It may be a bit derivative, but it's a must have for die-hard Titanfall fans. The gameplay has a good deal of depth, but it's also quite accessible to more casual players who might not feel like devoting their free-time to the intensive grind that comes with other competitive games.

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Road Warriors

Road Warriors is a seriously cool, side-scrolling racing game with some slick-looking pixel art. Races are high-speed and high-stakes, and the track design is out of this world. As you zoom through each race, you'll blow up opponents and collect parts to customize your car. If you're looking for an excellent arcade title, this should be on the top of your list.

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Have you played any of the games on this list? Let us know in the comments below.

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