It's the weekend, but there's no time to rest just yet. The past few days saw a bunch of new games out on the App Store. We've got the sugary-sweet hack-a-thon Beglitched. And Raw Fury quietly trotted out Kingdom: New Lands.If those don't strike your interest, there's an arcade number and a post-apocalyptic platformer, too. Let's jump in, shall we?


Puff. is a light but lovely arcade platformer. You play as a little cloud, which you must keep aloft while dodging all sorts of obstacles and hazards.


If you like pink pastels, fuzzy animals, and hacking then Beglitched should be at the top of your list. It's an intense match-three game in cutesy packaging.

Kingdom: New Lands

The much-awaited Kingdom: New Lands arrived on iOS this week. It's a pixel-perfect kingdom-building sim in which you rally your countrymen as you race across the land on your noble steed. You'll need to build up your territory while also keeping pesky hordes of demons at bay.

Mushroom 11

Mushroom 11 is a creative platformer in which, in lieu of a brave hero figure, you guide a blob of green goo across a post-apocalyptic horror-scape. It makes good use of the touch controls -- you'll need to poke the amorphous blob with your finger to mold it into the shape of your choosing.


This colorful and messy puzzler sees you slinging blobs of paint about in order to transfer them into a paint bucket. That's easier said than done, as you'll be using ropes to do the slinging, and there're all sorts of obstacles, like sawblades, that will try to thwart you.

So there you have it -- a tidy little list of some quality games to play before a slew of newcomers undoubtedly arrives this coming week. Happy gaming.

Have you played any of these new games yet? Which ones are your favorite? Share in the comments.

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