Thanksgiving Day is, generally speaking, a chance to spend some quality time with family and friends and eat inordinate amounts of food. However, the days leading up to the holiday call for quite the pilgrimage, especially if you're traveling from quite a ways away.

Congested highways, busy airports, and the general stress of being in transit can take its toll, so try to take care ofyourself during your Thanksgiving Day travel. You'll need all of that energy for dealing with your eccentric uncle. We're here to recommend a few quality mobile games for you to enjoy on your travels (unless you're driving, that is. Don't play and drive, friends).

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

Animal Crossing has the double benefits of being both an excellent time waster and extremely soothing. In the first mobile outing for the series, you'll get to customize your very own camper van and try to befriend your neighbors by building an enviable campsite.

Universal Paperclips

Play as an AI crafting paperclips in this odd clicker game. This is a story full of bizarre twists and turns, and unlike other idle games, it actually comes to a satisfying conclusion. It's the perfect way to veg out in front of your phone for a few hours.


This creepy pasta thriller about a teen party that goes off the rails is one of our favorite indie games of the year. Explore a strange sci-fi parallel universe in this short but sweet adventure.

Latyon's Mystery Journey

It turns out that the Layton series is a perfect fit for mobile. In this full length adventure, the eponymous professor's daughter takes the lead for the first time. The game's full of the tricky, well-designed puzzles you've come to love from previous games.

Ticket to Earth

Easily one of our favorite games of the year, Ticket to Earth is a top-notch strategy RPG that masterfully weaves puzzle elements into its combat. Plus, it features one of the best sci-fi stories in games this year.

Campfire Cooking

Nothing soothes the nerves quite like a camping trip. Solve puzzles to serve up classic campfire recipes in this delightful little brainteaser game. There's even a charming story about a family camping adventure to complete the experience.

Flipflop Solitaire

Zach Gage is the master of masterfully designed puzzle games, often taking classic analogue games and transforming them into something truly special. Such is the case with Flipflop Solitaire, which takes the classic card game and turns it upside down in a number of different gameplay challenges.

What will you be playing over the holiday? Let us know in the comments below.

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