Star Wars Day is coming, and if you want to celebrate appropriately, don’t shout or tweet “May the fourth be with you.” Play some Star Wars games instead. Trust me, everyone will be better served this way.

If you prefer your Star Wars gaming on the go, unfortunately, the pool of “actually good” Star Wars games is pretty slim. But, with this list of the best Star Wars games on the App Store, you can’t go wrong. Check out our picks below:

Star Wars™: KOTOR ($4.99) and KOTOR II ($6.99)

If you want to go hard into Star Wars Day, definitely pick up the Knights of the Old Republic games. These two games are probably the deepest and richest Star Wars games out there, and they hold up incredibly well. Developed by BioWare (back when they were a good developer of RPGs), it invents a wholly original storyline in the Star Wars universe that predates even those awful prequel movies, and it does so spectacularly well.

In honor of today, the Knights of the Old Republic games are also on sale, and to me they are without a doubt must-buys, even if you aren’t that into Star Wars.

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LEGO® Star Wars™ Battles (Apple Arcade)

The Clash Royale mobile formula is fun at its core and translates well into Star Wars battles, especially when on a service that prevents the possibility of players paying to advance ahead of the competition. There’s nothing hugely innovative about this LEGO-fied Star Wars multiplayer battler, but it is still good at what it sets out to do.

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LEGO® Star Wars™: Castaways (Apple Arcade)

A sort of loot-based Star Wars game where you crash land on a planet that has a library of simulated Star Wars moments you can relive and blast your way through solo or with friends, Castaways is easily capable of delivering on quick doses of iconic Star Wars moments while also giving you a hefty upgrade treadmill to work your way through if you want to dive in deeper.

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