Super Mario Odyssey
arrived last week, and it's already being lauded as one of the best action adventure platformers in gaming history. People are delighting in all of the hidden treasures lying in wait in each of Odyssey's colorful worlds, and Nintendo has once again proven that they know how to produce a masterfully designed video game.

However, if you don't have a Nintendo Switch, or you're looking for a similar experience on your mobile device, don't despair. There are quite a few top notch platformers for you, too. Here are five of the best.


Few mobile games rival Gunbrick's sheer creativity. It defies every expectation we've come to have about platforming games, challenging you to rethink positioning and your place within a level in brand new ways.

Dan the Man

Dan the Man is a charming platformer with some excellent brawling elements added to the mix. Fights require a good bit of strategy, but the mechanics are so refined you'll delight in studying up on your enemies' weaknesses.

Super Cat Tales

Super Cat Tales does an excellent job translating the classic platformers of the SNES era to the modern day. Collect coins and defeat enemies, while playing as a cast of adorable kittens. What's not to love?

Super Mario Run

Say what you will about Super Mario Run's premium price tag, the game is still a masterfully crafted Nintendo project. The company has taken everything you love about Mario games and transformed it into a fast and fluid endless runner with excellent platforming elements.

Vulture Island

Vulture Island is a neat non-linear platformer featuring a diverse cast of characters with unique abilities. As you progress through the game, you're encouraged to travel back and try past levels to unlock new secret areas and hidden items using new abilities and characters you may have collected since you last visited.

What's your favorite mobile platformer? Share in the comments below.

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