It's been a brilliant year for mobile games thus far. We've seen the return of old favorites like Monument Valley, some cracking PC to mobile ports like Sunless Sea, and some new indie hits. We're a little over halfway in, but we have a list of favorites that extends well into the 20s.

To narrow things down a bit, we're highlighting the games that have been dubbed perfect by the 148Apps reviews panel. Our astute reviews editor, Campbell, doesn't give out 5-star scores easily, but there have been a few deemed worthy of such prestigious accolades. Here are the best games of the year so far.

A Normal Lost Phone

Accidental Queens' A Normal Lost Phone is a visual novel that raises some probing questions - what would you do if you picked up a seemingly lost phone? As you browse through the stranded phone's contents, uncovering passwords to increasingly private information about the phone's previous owner, you begin to question your own intentions.

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Zach Gage is at it again with his newest word puzzler TypeShift. Players create words using rows of letters. The concept is simple, but this game will make you feel like a dang genius, and the design is unrivaled.

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Sunless Sea

Failbetter's breathtaking worldbuilding finally comes to the iPad with Sunless Sea. It's a dark and dreary ocean-exploration game, placing you in command of a ship and its crew as you explore the eerie Unterzee in search of adventure and treasure. Sunless Sea features some of the finest writing you'll find in a mobile game.

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Flipping Legend

Noodlecake excels at brief little arcade games, and they're at their finest in Flipping Legend. Players flip their way across three-laned environments, collecting treasure and avoiding traps and dangerous enemies. We loved the game's use of a class system to bolster the game's depth and replayability. It's an arcade chaser and RPG all rolled into one, and we're loving it.

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Age of Rivals

Civilization fans will delight in this card-based kingdom builder that has a competitive element. You compete against one other player, collecting and playing cards to bolster your kingdom's defenses, build cultural landmarks, and ultimately earn as many points as possible. The layers of strategy at play are incredibly rewarding, and you'll have a hard time pulling yourself away.

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Technobabylon shows that point-and-click adventure games still have what it takes to compete in the industry. It's stylish cyberpunk world is the perfect stage for an all-consuming mystery tale. A fascinating cast of characters and excellent puzzle design make Technobabylon shine.

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Motorsport Manager Mobile 2

The mobile rendition of this popular motorsport management sim is not just a mere port. It's an amazing game in its own right. Motorsport Manager lets you manage every facet of your racing team, from the cars to the training regiments. This is a title for folks who like to sink deep into micromanagement.

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Holy Potatoes! A Weapon Shop?!

Who knew a game about a potato in charge of a fantasy weapon shop would be one for the books? 2017 truly is full of surprises. Holy Potatoes! A Weapon Shop?! takes a step back from the usual fantasy RPG adventures, and tells the story of the folks back home, like the merchant in the weapon shop. Serve customers, craft weapons and hone your craft to become the finest blacksmith in the land.

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What at first glance looks to be another space age shooter is actually a unique cyberpunk action game that uses top down racing mechanics to tell a story that we haven't quite experienced before in a video game. The visuals are stunning, and the gameplay is elegant in its simplicity.

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What are your favorite games of the year so far? Let us know in the comments.

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