September always feels like a time of change. It's the end of summer, the youngsters are heading back for a new school year, and even the daily humdrum of life feels a bit new. But one thing hasn't changed, and that's the quality of the games we've played over the past few weeks. August was a firecracker of a month for mobile games, but September is holding its own quite well. Here are our favorite games of the month.


Morphite plants you on an alien planet and tasks you with exploring its every corner. Uncover strange plants and animals while making your way through a mysterious sci-fi tale with a cast of characters you'll quickly grow attached to.

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Stormbound: Kingdom Wars

Stormbound is a Clash Royale-like, yes, but it's one of the first to turn what is a well-worn genre into something stylish and fun. The game's minimalistic style is sure to please, and with dozens of different cards to collect, there's a lot to sink your teeth into here.

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Thimbleweed Park

Created by two LucasArts developers Thimbleweed Park is a perfect throwback to the point-and-click adventure games of the 90s. This is a mystery tale, though things take a bit of a supernatural edge as you progress, a la Twin Peaks.

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Another Lost Phone: Laura's Story

Laura's Story is a worthy follow up to A Normal Lost Phone. It's the same concept -- you stumble on an abandoned cell phone and are left to uncover the story of its previous owner. Moral questions abound as you learn the intimate details of a stranger's life.

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Iron Marines

This is the RTS to play on mobile -- it's certainly the finest the genre has to offer on iOS. Iron Marines is StarCraft-style base building and tactical combat, with intuitive touch controls and beautiful hand-drawn artwork.

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Battle Golf Online

Battle Golf Online is a quirky and colorful golf battler. Players face off with one hole between them. The goal, then, is to frantically try and putt the ball into the hole before your opponent can. It's silly and fast paced, but with environmental tricks and traps, and the ability to stun your opponent, there are a lot of layers at work here.

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What were the best games you played this past month? Let us know in the comments.

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