There are lots of arguments that iOS gamers like to have, but one of them involves which is the best shooter on the App Store. We're not talking about arcade shooters or bullet hell games here, we're talking about first and third person shooters. So we figured it was time to talk about the games that really are the cream of the crop.

And because we're a friendly lot here, we've included download links so you can grab them from the App Store as quickly as possible. And links to our reviews so you can check out exactly what we think about each of the games on the list.

Guns of Boom - download for iOS

A masterful shooter that sees teams of four players joining together in order to blast the living flip out of one another. It's regularly updated, and since it came out it's had a single player focused mode added to it. It's also making a big push into the eSports space. Basically if you love games like Team Fortress 2 then you should really pick this up as soon as physically possible.

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Shadowgun Legends - download for iOS

One of the best games to land on the App Store this year. There's a colossal amount of things to do, and the shooting is some of the slickest we've ever seen on mobile. There's some deep RPG elements here, as well as some really smart ideas that push you back in day after day. It's a game all about the numbers, and those numbers aren't going to go up on their own.

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Neon Shadow - download for iOS

Where the first two games on this list are pretty modern in their outlook, Neon Shadow owes more to the likes of Doom. It's a sci-fi shooter that sees you stomping through a series of levels shooting everything that moves. There's space shotguns, space rocket launchers, and plenty more space guns to play around with. Space makes everything better, right?

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Afterpulse - download for iOS

Another multiplayer shooter, this one's a third person example that's chock full of weapons, grenades, and even more. There's some brilliant single player experiences on the list, but this isn't one of them. It's about shooting your foes to death as many times as you can, and it's really rather brilliant.

Midnight Star - download for iOS

A game created by a number of devs who worked on the halo series. It's more like a gallery shooter than the others on this list, but it still manages to capture the feeling of taking on a horde of alien monsters. Well, I imagine it does, I've never actually taken on a horde of alien monsters in real life. I expect it's super exciting though.

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Modern Combat 5 - download for iOS

Gameloft's take on the Call of Duty franchise, full of multiplayer, single player, and everything-in-between player modes. It does exactly what it sets out to do. And if you like your shooters filled with gruff, angry men who are covered in tattoos and know the difference between types of bullets, you're going to absolutely love this.

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Morphite - download for iOS

This one's a little bit different, but it's no less special for it. It's a game all about searching through the expanse of space, chronicling the species that you find, and every now and then having to shoot giant dragon monsters in order to stop them from eating your face. There's a brilliant story here, and it pushes you on to find out just what's going on.

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PUBG Mobile - download for iOS

Sure Fortnite might be making all the money right now, but there's a wonderful purity to PUBG Mobile that really makes it something special. The ticking clock of the closing circle, the panic when you're down to the last few and you're scuttling around buildings. It really is a sight to behold. And it works wonderfully on mobile.

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