In this ever-changing world of mobile news, few things are guaranteed. Few things, that is, save for the always dependable deals going up on the App Store each week.

Our friendly ritual continues this week with more games fresh from the App Store bargain bin. It's an especially good week for fans of board and card games. Let's take a look.

A Brief History of the World
Was: $3.99 Now: $0.99

A Brief History of the World is an excellent option if you enjoy games like Civilization. This board game sees you building your own empire throughout the course of history, from Stone to Space Age. The game features online and offline multiplayer, too, if you'd like to play with friends.

Demon Hunter: Chronicles from Beyond
Was: $4.99 Now: $2.99

This hidden object game set in an alternative version of 1930s America tells a mysterious tale of a red-eyed woman tasked with solving the murder of her former mentor. The game boasts 41 locatiosn with hand-drawn artwork. It's a great story for a rainy day.

Reiner Knizia's Ra
Was: $3.99 Now: $0.99

Ra is an Egyptian-themed auction/item collection board game that has quite a big following. Players collect tiles, and eye other players' growing collections to try and score the most points. There's plenty of room for strategy, and it gets competitive very quickly.

Age of Rivals
Was: $3.99 Now: $1.99

This card-based city building game is mightily addictive, and a great way to spend some time with friends. Build cities and conquer others, all within a 15 minute session.

Demon's Rise
Was: $7.99 Now: $1.99

Demon's Rise is a dark and gruelling tactical RPG in a fantasy setting. Guide a party of six unique characters through underground adventures.

Are you picking up any of these games this week? Let us know in the comments below.

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