A new week means new deals on the App Store, and it looks as though Christmas has arrived a bit early this Monday with a whole slew of new discount games, many of which have yet to be covered in this roundup series. Puzzle games, point and click adventures, genre-bending indies, and much more are all at a steep bargain, and they're a great way to round out your collection. Let's take a look.

Price: $0.99

Daedalic Entertainment is always good for a fun point and click adventure game, and Deponia doesn't disappoint. In ;Deponia, the world has largely deteriorated into a trash heap. Trash dweller Rufus is suddenly tasked with helping Goal, a woman from the much more idyllic floating city in the sky, get back home.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Price: $4.99

The classic Bioware RPG is getting a generous discount this week to celebrate the release of The Last Jedi. A masterclass in storytelling in games, Knights of the Old Republic forces you to make difficult situations that offers much more nuanced shades of gray than what you might find in some Star Wars films.

Gunslugs and Gunslugs 2
Price: $0.99 Each

This pair of colorful shooters is not to be missed, especially at this price. Chaotic and full of satisfying explosions, this frantic shoot'em up offers smooth controls, plenty of powerups, and while it may not be the most original game out there, it manages to perfect the genre.

Layton's Mystery Journey
Price: $7.99

The first full-scale Professor Layton game on iOS features Katrielle, Layton's daughter in this new mystery adventure. Solve tricky logic puzzles as you investigate what's happened to your missing father. Full of polish, Mystery Journey is a worthy investment for any fan of the series.

Heroes of Loot 2
Price: $1.99

This dungeon crawler keeps things light and fun as you blast through enemies with an arsenal of weapon skills and other abilities on a quest for lots and lots of loot. There's not a lot of challenge here -- instead the game revels in creating as much chaos as possible, with plentiful treasure spread throughout.

Wheels of Aurelia
Price: $2.99

Wheels of Aurelia takes you on a roadtrip through 1970s Italy. This narrative adventure sees you talking to strangers along the way to learn more about them. A number of different destinations yield unique experiences, and of course, your approach to every situation will determine how each playthrough turns out.

Burly Men at Sea
Price: $2.99

This lovely narrative adventure features the eponymous burly men as they set out for adventure on their sailboat. Swipe right or left to guide your boat and the sights you'll see along the way. Different situations may arise, and how you decide to approach them will affect the way the story plays out. Each playthrough lasts only minutes though, and it's a thrill to see how different choices can affect the narrative thread.

Planning on picking up any of these games? Let us know in the comments below.

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