It's a pretty great weekend to spring for some premium app purchases. There are a lot of popular titles at significantly discounted prices this weekend, from friendly puzzlers to steampunk strategy shooters. Here are the four best deals on the App Store this weekend.

Templar Battleforce RPG
Now: $4.99 Was: $9.99

This gritty mech battler combines the best of isometric shooters, 90's western RPGs, and army building to create one of the deepest experiences on mobile to date. It's a great entry point for folks new to strategy, but veterans will find Templar Battleforce a worthy investment, too.

Lifeline. . .
Now: $0.99 Was: $1.99

Lifeline (and all of its successors) are now on sale, but we think it's best to start where it all began. Lifeline . . . casts you as the lone point of contact with an astronaut stranded on an alien moon. You will help her make critical decisions that will ensure her survival or doom her.

Hidden Folks
Now: $2.99 Was: $3.99

Hidden Folks received its first big content update, Factory, this week, adding dozens of new levels and other goodies for you to explore. Hidden Folks, a clever take on the hidden object genre,is one of the best game's we've played this year.

SteamWorld Heist
Now: $5.99 Was: $9.99

Developer Image & Form expanded on their gorgeous, quirky world in SteamWorld Dig with the equally incredible SteamWorld Heist. Rather than a metroidvania like its predecessor, SteamWorld Heist lets you lead a band of ragtag robot pirates on an adventure using tactical gunplay mechanics. It's a real blast and an essential addition to your collection.

Planning on picking any of these games up this weekend? Tell us how you like them in the comments below.

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