If you’ve got the Monday blues we have just the thing to cheer you up. The week is shaping up to be a spectacular one for sales.

We’ve got a bunch of well-loved indie games at discounted prices this week along with a few that are a little more mainstream. Here are five deals you won’t want to miss.

Was: $6.99 Now: $2.99

This dungeon crawler is as beautiful as it is disturbing. You wander through a nighmarish purgatory in an attempt to find your parents and brother who have been trapped there.

Was:$2.99 Now: Free

Also known as the Platform Puker, Eggggg is pure, silly grossout fun. You use your severe egg allergy to your advantage, propelling yourself with your vomit through over 20 levels in a last ditch effort to escape your mean aunt.


Was: $2.99 Now: $0.99

Rebuild is a city-building sim with a twist. Rather than building a shining metropolis of your own design, you set about restoring a ruined fortress, helping a colony of survivors fend off the zombie horde. It’s a fresh takeon the popular zombie genre.

Demon's Rise 2: Lords of Chaos
Was: $7.99 Now: $2.99

Demon’s Rise 2 is a sprawling strategy RPG with a massive main quest and over 30 side missions. The game is a dark fantasy, casting the player as an anti-hero of sorts, set on carrying out the gods’ mission to overthrow civilization.

Was: $1.99 Now: $0.99

This atmospheric puzzle game boasts over 72 unique puzzles. The main schtick is simple enough -- solve brain teasers by mixing colors. But you’ll be surprised to find the sheer variety laying beneath the surface.

Are you taking advantage of any of these deals? Let us know in the comments.

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