best clash royale alternatives

So you've spent some time with Clash Royale and you've decided you like it, but the experience isn't quite up your street? That's cool, it takes all sorts to make a world. But there are a lot of alternatives out there, and you might be a bit confused.

Don't worry though, because we're here to help. In this list we're going to give you the best alternatives to Clash Royale that you can download from the App Store right this second. Some of them might even be, whisper it, better than Clash Royale. Shock, and indeed, horror!

Titanfall: Assault - Download for iOS

A quite frankly breathtakingly good MOBA. It does away with the cartoony look of Clash Royale and replaces it with a dark future of jetpack soldiers and enormous stomping robots. In a word, it's brilliant.

There's a deeper level of tactics here, so if you find Clash Royale a little on the spammy side then you're going to absolutely love it. Also, did I mention that there are giant stompy robots involved as well? Because there are.

Best for: Someone looking for a deeper, but still real-time mobile MOBA

Hero Academy 2 - Download for iOS

This one's got a more turn-based bent than Clash Royale, but it shares a lot of similarities. You're still constrained by mana, and you're still dropping cards on to the board. This time round though you've got a lot more control.

There's a thick chunk of content here, and the turn-based battles are going to be like a delicious cocktail of sleep and food for some. Plus there's still all the deck-building and upgrading that Clash Royale players love.

Best for: Someone looking for a turn-based Clash Royale alternative

VainGlory - Download for iOS

A big shiny MOBA in the style of League of Legends and DOTA. It's a lot more taxing that Clash Royale, but the rewards for victory are far greater. Hell, get good enough and you could actually become a pro at this one.

It's not one for the faint of heart, or anyone who's looking for a game that's only going to take a few minutes to play. But if you want a fully featured MOBA on your iPhone or iPad, then this is probably the one to go for.

Best for: Someone who finds Clash Royale a little too simple

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