Games were better in the old days, right? Well, some were - others are probably best forgotten. Like most Java games for example.

148Apps wants to look at the best of the past though. Specifically which retro titles deserve to be dusted down and given new life on mobile, and why they'd work well on the small screen.

Excitebike (NES)

Nintendo seems more focused on creating Mii chat app Miitomo for its first steps into the mobile space at the moment, but if it ever decides to remake one of its classic titles for iOS it could do a lot worse than the original NES Excitebike.

You could tilt your mobile device to gain more airtime when taking a jump, and the touch screen would make the track creator mode so much easier to use, allowing you to drag and drop what obstacles and ramps you want to place on your course design.

Gain Ground (Arcade)

An under appreciated arcade classic, Gain Ground combines the fast pace of Robotron with the strategy of modern day tower defence games.

Its bite-size levels would be perfect for gaming on the go, and the relatively simple controls wouldn’t be too much of a fudge with virtual controls.

Vib Ribbon (Playstation)

Developer NanaOn-Sha, famous for its range of rhythm action titles such as PaRappa the Rapper and Um Jammer Lammy, could do us all a favour and bring Vib Ribbon onto mobile.

It uses tracks from your music collection to create 2D levels you can jump your way through, so it would be the perfect fit for devices that - for most of us - house our entire music library.

Guru Logic Champ (Game Boy Advance)

A bit of a left field choice, but this unique puzzler deserves another chance to be a hit considering it was only ever released in Japan.

It involves completing images by placing and removing blocks on a board - but in practice it’s of course not as easy or as boring as we just made it sound.

It would work perfectly on a touchscreen, and setting up a payment model that makes it easy for you to purchase more levels would be a breeze.

Tales of Symphonia (Various)

We’re spoilt for choice for ports or remakes of ancient RPGs on mobile - be it Final Fantasy, Secret of Mana, or Dragon Quest- but it can’t hurt to have a few more.

Tales of Symphonia would be a great addition, as using touchscreen gestures could potentially work a treat with its 2D real-time battles.

Cannon Fodder (Various)

Yes, there are already several games that exist on iOS which have you commanding armies around war-torn landscapes, but Cannon Fodder did the idea with such grace and charm it would take a truly cold hearted individual not to want to see it revived on mobile.

The touchscreen is a perfect fit for the cursor-based controls - you could simply tap on the screen where you wish to go - and an option to play levels co-operatively online would only add to the experience.

Do you agree with Simon's list? Which games would you like to see revived on mobile? Let us know in the comments below!

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