The 3 best YouTube let's plays

Posted by Jessica Famularo on May 16th, 2016
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad is still going strong, and with a new official update coming soon it doesn’t look like the trend will be fading any time soon.

It's an addictive adrenaline rush, and as much fun to watch as it is to play. We’ve gathered some of our favorite Let’s Play videos to help feed your obsession.

Sl1pg8r’s First Place Snake

YouTuber sl1pg8r’s playthrough is one of the most riveting, as he takes on a high stakes mission to become the number one snake in the rankings.

His tiny blue and white snake achieves some impressive feats in this playthrough, but does sl1pg8r make it to the top? We won’t spoil the ending, but we will say that the hilarious commentary and sl1pg8r’s genuine excitement will keep you hooked for the entire video.

Play Pals take on

While the language can get a little blue at times, the Play Pals’ self-deprecating remarks and high-risk approach to will have you cheering along and yelling at your screen.

It’s incredibly fun to watch them make fun of usernames and bully snakes of all sizes in their attempt to conquer the leaderboard.

iHasCupQuake gets addicted to

iHasCupQuake plays on the PC for the first time, and her viewers get to join her on this particularly amusing journey.

This let’s play is a bit like playing a game with a friend, thanks to iHasCupQuake'sstream-of-conscious, nonsensical taunts, and genuine surprise.

Did your favorite YouTuber take on Drop us a link in the comments below!

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