Action games are a hard sell on mobile, and they get even harder if the more precision they require. Stealth games are one such subgenre that just doesn’t feel like it could work well on small touchscreens where you’re prone to being distracted or mistapping by accident.

And yet, that hasn’t stopped plenty of developers of rising to the challenge to make some great stealth action games to enjoy on iOS. Here are our five favorites below, along with links to reviews so you can learn more about them.

Space Marshals 3 (Free)

This isn’t a ranked list, but—if it was—it’s a safe bet to say Space Marshals 3 would be toward the top of the heap. Developer Pixelbite has fine-tuned this sneaky/sci-fi/western/shooter series in its third entry, and the best part of it is you can get a taste of it yourself without spending any money. If you like what you play, you can always pay to unlock subsequent chapters, and then the first two games are right here and here.

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Mr Future Ninja ($1.99)

For any stealth novices who just want to dip their toe in these waters, the best place to start is Mr Future Ninja. This game gives you control of three ninjas in neon-soaked cyberpunk environments that give you open space to experiment and steer clear of detection. It’s a neat game with an amazing premise and visuals. It’s only problem is it’s pretty short.

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Sneak Ops (Free)

Sneak Ops is a one-touch stealth action game where you slip past individual rooms full of guards, cameras, and more as you try to collect floppy disks and make it as far as possible. Of this lot, it’s the best “free” option (you can pay to remove ads, but the core game is fully playable without spending a dime), but you get what you pay for.

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Hitman Sniper ($0.99)

What if you could play a stealth game where you didn’t have to worry about tiptoeing around with precision? That’s essentially what Hitman Sniper offers. In this spin-off of the popular console games staring the iconic Agent 47. This experience has you looking down on a facility, far out of reach of guards, but you need to carefully snipe objects, line up shots, and time things perfectly to take down targets. It’s great fun and surprisingly replayable, even though it’s basically one level you play over and over again.

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Never Stop Sneakin' ($2.99)

Never Stop Sneakin’ is a charming parody of Hideo Kojima’s Metal Gear Solid titles, but this goofy, arcadey stealth experience should appeal to you even if you don’t have familiarity with those games. This game keeps things simple, asking you only to pilot your agent, while they fire off bullets, emp grenades, and other gadgets automatically when needed. Ideally, you won’t need them though as you tear through levels undetected, racking up huge multipliers and scoring lots of intel points to upgrade your base.

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