Final Fantasy VII is probably the most revered JRPG of all time, and its long-awaited remake has tons of folks anxiously awaiting the chance to see the reimagining of a classic. I’m sure its release will be met with equal parts fanfare and outrage, as is usually the case when a high-profile work is revisited.

If you don’t want to have to sift through all of the hot takes around the game to decide whether it’s worth playing, it might be better to just try and find an alternative for now. Check out our top picks for the best mobile games that can deliver an experience close to what Final Fantasy VII Remake promises. Oh, and while you’re at it, click here to check out all the great lists we’ve been putting together recently.

The Greater Good ($3.99)

The Greater Good is a near-perfect balance of throwback JRPG sensibilities and fresh, modern pacing. This makes it our current top pick for this list.

Made by essentially one person, The Greater Good is a highly-stylized 2D RPG that gives you all the party-building, turn-based combat, and airship shenanigans you could want from a 90s era RPG while still feeling lean and eminently playable on a small screen.

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For a list honoring a Final Fantasy remake, what better pick could there be than a Final Fantasy remake? Final Fantasy XV’s mobile port is a complete overhaul of the console version, streamlining everything from the visuals to the gameplay structure into a more convenient, on-the-go package.

Just like Final Fantasy VII’s reimagining, I’m not sure this version of the game will satisfy all the fans of the original, but Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition is nonetheless a fascinating and surprisingly competent re-packaging of a full-on Final Fantasy game.

* - $19.99 purchase unlocks the full game.

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I wouldn’t say the SaGa games have a whole lot in common with Final Fantasy. In fact, they sometimes feel like they come from a world free of influence from all flagship JRPGs. They’re weird, and occasionally—as is the case with Scarlet Grace—they’re really good.

SaGa Scarlet Grace: Ambitions is probably the meatiest RPG on this list, and the ways in which it differs from the JRPG conventions established largely by the Final Fantasy series is what makes it worth playing. So, if you want a title that is perhaps more willing to embrace new ideas, this is the pick for you.

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Adventures of Mana ($13.99)

Although the title may be decieving, Adventures of Mana could also technically be considered a Final Fantasy remake. This game is an updated version of Final Fantasy Adventure for the Game Boy, though that game itself was the first entry in what became the Mana series.

Regardless or lineage or how you want to categorize it though, Adventures of Mana is a fantastic audio/visual upgrade to a solid (though aged) game. It’s also a more action-oriented game, so don’t expect anything approaching Active Time Battles here.

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Transistor ($4.99)

Transistor is not a JRPG, but it has more in common with Final Fantasy VII than you might think. They’re both set in a dystopian future, they both feature big swords, and Transistor’s equippable abilities aren’t all that dissimlar to Materia.

If the aesthetic and style of Final Fantasy VII Remake is what you’re chasing, Transistor can definitely deliver on that front. It’s also just a fantastic game, so go play it if you haven’t already.

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