Halloween is certainly one of our favorite times for mobile game updates. Many popular titles celebrate this spooky season with fun festivities that can stretch from one week to even the whole month. As we draw closer and closer to Halloween, we'll clue you in on the best Halloween updates on the App Store. Here are four of the best thus far.

Slayaway Camp

Slayaway Camp is essentially a Halloween game without even trying, but that's not going to stop them from celebrating this night of frights. The new "Halloween Horror" update features a completely new movie, Hell Camp, featuring a new villain - the Holy Skullface Killer. Other new killers, new gorepacks, and even special kill animations can all be found in this gruesome update.

Fallout Shelter

Return to the Wasteland with this charming new update to Fallout Shelter. Your vault gets a Halloween-themed makeover and you'll also be able to dress up your Vault dwellers in Halloween costumes. There's a special, scary quest just for the season, too.


Mojang is celebrating with the Minecraft Halloween Spectacular that's essentially three celebrations in one. Three servers -- Mineplex, InPvP, and Life Boat -- are hosting a series of games and competitions to celebrate Halloween. Players on Life Boat will be treated to a terrifying zombie invasion, but there are also some less stressful Halloween decorations in the lobby and Haunted House parkour. InPVP will host trick-or-treating and a Haunted Mansion SkyWars map, while Mineplex pits you against the Pumpkin King for special quests and big prizes.


Hearthstone is going big this Halloween season, giving us a brand new Arena Mode that features the game's cast all done up in Halloween garb. All players get a free ticket to Hallow's End to participate in the new mode. Blizzard's hosting a special Tavern Brawl, too, just for the occasion -- The Headless Horseman Rides. Players will also be privy to some extra special treats just for logging into the game. Be sure to read the full update notes over on the game's official site.

Which iOS Halloween celebration are you most looking forward to? Let us know in the comments.

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