Genshin Impact has been bitten by the duelling bug, as Version 3.7 is all about the card games. Genius Invokation TCG takes centre stage as a tournament comes to Teyvat, bringing with it new game modes and new cards, all delivered by our new recruitable courier.

Get the catnip ready, as our newest recruit is the Nekomata from Inazuma; Kirara. She is a Dendro sword user, however, she prefers to instead attack with her claws and youkai powers. Her Elemental skills allow to her create a shield with a flying kick, or transform it into an Urgent Neko Parcel for more speed, thanks to her job as a first-class courtier.

In a move that no doubt annoys the locals who trusted their post to her, Kirara uses her Elemental Burst by bashing enemies with packages that explode into a myriad of bombs. The Event Wishes for V3.7 will welcome Kirara, and also rerun Yoimiya and Yae Miko, and then the second half with run Kaedehara Kazuha and Alhaitham.

It is time to duel, as an international TCG tournament sweeps across Teyvat. The King of Invocation Grand Prix will allow players to partake in a few select card games. Zero Hour Invokation will present you with some select cards to use, Evermotion Mechanical Pairing is a puzzle mini-game to recreate a card illusion, and Heart of the Dice is a combat challenge using dice to produce random Elemental skills.

For those who don’t believe in the heart of the cards, head over to Charlotte, the reporter from the Steambird. There is a strange case on-site, and she could use your help to investigate. If you want to jump straight into some action there are three new trails to encounter, each with their own unique challenges. Or, if Leisure is your love, partake in A Tour of Wonders, a sightseeing Parkour or enemy-clearing tour that when cleared will give you Coupons to redeem rewards, including the 4-star bow Ibis Piercer.

To celebrate with a card-based extravaganza, the Genius Invokation TCG is also getting an expansion, with over 60 new cards and new PvP and PvE modes. The Arena of Champions will pit players against each other in a gauntlet to secure five wins, but if you lose three times then you will need to restart. For a more leisurely pace, the PvE mode The Forge Realm’s Temper allows you to set up a game with customisable difficulty levels and additional conditions.

Download Genshin Impatc now from the App Store and Google Playto prepare for Version 3.7 arriving May 24th.

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