TEPPEN guide - Tips and tricks for new players

Posted by Campbell Bird on July 12th, 2019
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TEPPEN is a wild game that nobody asked for, but I’m sure glad it exists. Who would’ve thought that a CCG featuring Capcom characters could be so cool and weird?

In case you’re not completely sure what TEPPEN is, make sure to check out our review where we explain this wacky game. Then, come back here for some beginner tips that might help you as you start playing the game.

Play Chronicles Mode

If you want to practice your skills before heading straight into online matches, you should definitely check out TEPPEN’s Chronicles Mode. At first, these levels might seem like filler single-player content, but as more difficult challenges get unlocked, you’ll get the chance to learn all sorts of tricks and nuances that will help you be more successful online.

In particular, try to focus on the challenges that only give you a pre-set deck to work with. These challenges often ask you to take advantage of a certain kind of card or synergy to beat an opponent. You can learn valuable lessons about Flight, Halt, and all sorts of other abilities just by playing through Chronicles Mode.

How multi-color decks work

Although every hero character in TEPPEN is pre-disposed to work well with a certain color cards, you can use any cards with any hero. It comes at a price though. Mixing two colors into a deck limits your total MP to 5, and using three colors limits it to 3.

This isn’t a total deal-breaker, but it definitely does restrict you to what cards you can use of a given color. For example, you won’t be able to use the Legendary Devil Hunter Dante or any other 6+ MP cards if you decide to make a hybrid deck.

Go ahead and Reap All

Like many other collectible card games, TEPPEN features loot boxes that give you more cards to incorporate into your decks. Also like a lot of these games, TEPPEN is totally cool with giving you a zillion copies of the same card while having a system in place to let you destroy duplicates and craft new cards you don’t own yet.

The term for destroying cards in TEPPEN is known as “reaping,” and the game doesn’t explain how it works very well. Going to the reaping menu just shows you your list of cards and has a big “Reap All” button hanging out at the top. In case you were wondering, no, pressing that button doesn’t destroy all your cards. It just gets rid of any surplus duplicates you have, so feel free to use after opening any new packs of cards.

Nergigante for early multiplayer wins

Once you’re ready to go online, the easiest and quickest way to climb the ranked ladder quickly is by making a Nergigante deck full of cards that sacrifice life points to play them. Why, you ask? Because Nergigante has one of the best hero abilities in the game right now, and it depends heavily on sacrifice creatures.

Spike Launch is a move that deals damage to all enemy creatures based on how much life you’ve sacrificed. It’s an amazing move that helps you build advantage and overpower enemies quickly, and you don’t need to have a fancy deck to do it. Go ahead and check out the video above if you don’t believe me.

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