TEPPEN guide - The three best decks in TEPPEN right now

Posted by Campbell Bird on July 17th, 2019
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TEPPEN’s unique take on the collectible card game genre is exciting. It’s just over a week old, but that isn’t stopping lots of folks from speculating about the long-term viability of the game, as well as changes and additions that will happen over time.

In the days since release, though. One thing is becoming clear. TEPPEN’s first set of top tier decks have emerged, and boy are they dominant. In checking out any community talking about TEPPEN, there are three main deck types that anyone is talking about, and it’s because they’re extremely powerful, to the point that many think some rebalancing is in order. See below for which decks we’re talking about:

Nergigante Sacrifice Deck

What it is: A deck of black cards that all work around sacrificing your hero’s health to play units or actions. The deck hinges on effective use of Nergigante’s Spike Launch Hero Art, which is a powerful form of removal that gets more effective the more sacrifice cards you play.

Core cards: Any units with sacrifice (especially William Birkin and Crow), Selfish Predation (to heal back up the life lost), Gathering Effluvium (for additional powerful removal).

General strategy: Play any cards with sacrifice with abandon, wait for your opponent to try and stack up a defense, and unleash Spike Launch to remove or heavily damage anything standing in your way. Beware of shield-heavy green decks or red decks with lots of hard removal. Your units need to be able to deal damage to keep up with all the life you’re sacrificing, and that’s hard to do if your opponent can keep all their defenses alive or make sure all your units die before they deal damage.

Morrigan Resonate Deck

What it is: A purple deck that takes advantage of the powerful resonate ability reserved for only purple units. The hero art here is less integral to the strategy working, but Morrigan’s Darkness Illusion move is most well-suited to providing some great hard removal as you beef up your resonate units.

Core cards: Ibuki (6MP) and Hsein-Ko (7MP) (both have fantastic resonate triggers that heal them and make them stronger), Hookshot (for flight advantage), all cheap actions that cast halt (for Morrigan’s Darkness Illusion).

General strategy: Play your big, high-cost resonate units and follow with your cheap actions to continuously buff them. Pretty simple, but effective. This deck can decimate green decks, but beware of Nergigante and Ryu decks who can do lots of damage to units quickly. Try to keep your resonate units alive and make tempo plays to eek out victories.

Wesker Revenge Deck

What it is: A black deck that overwhelms opponents with lots of low-cost, high-value units thanks to the revenge card ability. Wesker’s Dark Destruction hero art pairs nicely with it as a good hard removal tool.

Core cards: Zombie (all versions) and Cerberus (core revenge units), Inheriting Ambition, Gathered Souls, and Ruthless Retrieval (for getting revenge cards back out quickly), Just Deserts (for good hard removal).

General strategy: Revenge is a mechanic that allows defeated units to re-enter your deck as cheaper, more powerful fighters. The idea is to cycle through these units quickly initially, and then ride the MP advantage you build from their reduced cost once they come back into your deck. All the while, hard remove problematic units from your opponent using Just Deserts or your Hero Art. This deck is a little overshadowed by the Nergigante Sacrifice deck, and it can also struggle to cycle units effectively vs. flight decks.

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