Talofa Games have released its feature-packed community fitness app, Run Legends. You can team up with friends all over the world to take down the villainous Sappers draining humanity's energy and get yourself healthier in the process.

In a bid to keep runners' minds occupied and their feet going, Run Legends transforms the power of your speed and stride and uses it to pull off special attacks and moves in the app. Some abilities will require you to go faster for a bit, whereas for others you will need to slow down, making it accessible to all levels of athletes.

One of the key points of Run Legends is playing is building a good community around yourself and playing with friends. You can definitely play it by yourself with no worries, but exercising with a support structure around you can make all the difference, and Talofa encourages this.

The whole adventure can be played as a team, and you can even join the same battles to truly share your fitness journeys. If you are worried that you will be letting the side down by being slower then don’t fret, any walking or running is enough to contribute. There are even customizable pace settings so anyone can be the MVP or their team.

Something that Run Legends does that is highly commendable is put a lot into the mental health side that running helps with. As you play through the storyline you will need to battle and defeat symbolic representations of anxiety and fear, such as the Critical Grandma.

The enemies being Sappers who prey on energy levels are also quite apt for the struggle of just starting, and it is just a generally nice acknowledgement of that side of the fitness struggle that some programs just skip. Exercise is not just a physical effort after all.

You can download Run Legends and start your journey to fitness from the App Store or Google Play.

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