Tap My Katamari guide - Tips and tricks on how to keep on rolling

Posted by Jennifer Allen on January 8th, 2016
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

So, feel like tapping like crazy to see your Katamari grow to massive proportions? That makes sense and explains why Tap My Katamari has you hooked.

It doesn't do a great job of explaining itself though, right? Don’t worry about it. 148apps has you covered with some tips and tricks to get you started.

Build momentum

Well, that was predictable for a game all about propelling a giant ball, wasn’t it? The thing is that Tap My Katamari takes a little while to get going.

At first, it’s going to seem really slow going and you’ll wonder what the point is. Stick with it though and those gains will come quickly.

Tap first, automate second

At first, you want to focus on upgrading your tap power and, of course, you want to tap like crazy. Build Prince up nicely by upgrading whenever possible until you see yourself flying through those levels.

Then switch to the other tab and focus on PPS which dictates how much you roll automatically. Each object has a different name but don’t pay attention to that. Just focus on buying the ones with the most power early on.

You’ll be tempted to upgrade your favourites, but you’re actually better off unlocking new objects as soon as possible. They tend to offer the most power the quickest.

Fooling yourself into progressing

Does everything still feel a little long winded and slow? Set up the automatic rollers and log out of the game for a little while. Go play something else. Go outside. Have a nap.

When you come back, you’ll have accrued quite a lot of income and you can go nuts buying new stuff.

Time Attack stages

Tap My Katamari doesn’t care how slowly you progress most of the time. That is until you hit the Time Attack levels.

See that red and blue bar? The blue bar indicates how much more distance you need to cover while the red shows you how much time is left. If the red bar is shorter than the blue, you’re never going to do it in time.

Quit while you’re ahead and go grind a previous level for some upgrades. There’s no shame in it!

What do you find best when building up your Katamari? Let us know in the comments!

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