It’s that most wonderful time of the year for budding armchair Klopps and Guardiolas, as the latest iterations of Football Manager arrive on mobile devices, with two options to pick from. Football Manager 24 Touch will be exclusive to the Apple Arcade, however, Football Manager 24 Mobile is available to all through Netflix games.

The most intriguing new addition to Football Manager 24 Touch is undoubtedly the Manager Principles. Selecting three of a list of ten options such as Respect, Teamwork and Intelligence, will set the tone of how you will lead your team on and off the pitch but it won’t be plain sailing.

Each player will have a Buy-In rating of how much they respect your approach, meaning you may need to let it slide when your key player arrives late for training to keep their opinion of you, lest they cause trouble in the dressing room. Should a player with enough influence on the new Hierarchy system dislike you enough they can turn the whole squad against you.

Not to be outdone by new features, Football Manager 24 Mobile has introduced a few reputation titles for you to earn. Depending on how you live your life at the club, you will find yourself well-known for your actions. If you pick up and develop a lot of youngsters into top players, you will be known as a Star Maker, which will encourage the next generation to sign with you.

If you find yourself giving your players a tough time when they underperform, you might find yourself labelled with that old Alex Fergusson classic; the Hair Dryer reputation. Whilst this might encourage a few players to play harder to avoid your famous wrath, some may respond negatively to your ways, so be sure to watch for their reactions.

Football Manager 24 Mobile will be available to download for anyone with a Netflix account, whereas Football Manager 2024 Touch is exclusive to iOS users who have a subscription toApple Arcade.

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