Taking place in a vast and ruthless galaxy, Fleets of Heroes for iOS is a highly ambitious base builder that looks to shake up the genre while simultaneously being one of the most compelling games of its type.

Developer Inner Hero has spent some time looking at other base builders to determine exactly what works and what doesn’t. So the game is perhaps best described as a revised take on the genre, where classic mechanics are instilled with thrilling new force.

Like any good base builder, you’ll be spending your time unlocking, building, and upgrading multiple structures that all have their own unique purpose, such as development, resource, and defence buildings.

This one also demands some amount of forethought and strategy as you attempt to successfully connect all developed buildings to the power grid for optimal results. Designing the ultimate base might be a sizeable challenge itself, but let’s not forget that you’re also going to have to defend it – perhaps by use of a few turrets or traps?

Space battles are fast and furious, demanding strategic choices be made as you go. You’ll often have to decide which of the hero ships are best suited to your situation, and – when used effectively – these ships can be controlled to alter the course of battle entirely.

And for those of you who love to customize and play around with abilities, upgrades, and loadouts with millions of potential setups, Fleets of Heroes absolutely has you covered. Oh, and if your base is starting to feel a little lonely, there’s the option to relocate to another site in a completely different part of the galaxy.

The game also features a robust trading system that allows you to buy and sell resources with anyone, anywhere. Of course, you’ll be able to ally with other players by joining their federation or creating your own.
PvP is a great way to play, and – thankfully – you’ll get to keep your well-earned resources even if you lose. And with weekly tournaments, there are always plenty of reasons to keep coming back for more.

Be sure to try the game right away, because, for the first 7 days (until December 27th), you can also get for free a promo booster pack of resources and equipment, with a value of more than $2.00.

So if Fleets of Heroes sounds like your type of out of this world delight, you can nab it over on the App Store for free.

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