Sword Master Story has been going strong, recently celebrating its two year anniversary and racking up an impressive 4 million cumulative downloads. Whilst it can clearly stand on its own merits, Super Planet has announced a collaboration with the massive anime series, Konosuba.

Having first collaborated with the critically acclaimed anime back in May 2021, Konosuba is back and bringing its ridiculous but endearing characters for recruitment. Even though the event does bring the same characters as last time, they are back with a vengeance, featuring upgraded skills.

Three of the main characters of the anime are available to recruit, kicking off Aqua, the goddess turned Priest in the Fantasy World after being outwitted by Satou Kazuma. This a lucky turn for Sword Master Story players, as Aqua has powerful healing skills like Arc Priest and Goddess to keep her teammates going, and her powerful Blessing skill to buff them.

Lalatina Ford Dustiness, more commonly called Darkness, brings her crusader skills to the battle, gladly getting in harm's way to protect her party, and for her own reasons of course. Darkness will also passively increase health and defense simply by being in the party, giving a substantial boost to survivability.

Rounding out the trio, Megumin, arguably the mascot for the anime will join the battle with her infamous love of explosions. As to be expected, Megumin does one thing and one thing well, being able to fire off giant explosions into groups of enemies to deal devastating damage. Despite not making physical appearances in the game, Kazuma, YunYun and Wiz will be represented as special costumes for certain characters.

To stretch these new characters' legs, a new collaboration dungeon has opened which can be explored five times daily to earn gold and collaboration coins. A variety of extra events will also pop up throughout the month such as the KonoSuba Limited Premium Pass, KonoSuba Photo Event and the Coming Soon Quiz Event.

Sword Master Story is available to download from the App Store and Google Play, with the KonoSuba collaboration running all month until November 30th.

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