The inaugural game from Swedish indie developers Wolverine Island, Railway Escape, has received its latest update. Bringing it up to 0.3, you can take your train through two new biomes against a hoard of new monsters to learn how to defend against.

Railway Escape is a bullet heaven style of game, and if you haven’t heard of that, think of those bullet hell flying games where you are zipping through danger, but in this case, you are the one launching the projectiles, sweet sweet revenge. You find yourself in charge of a train full of people, trying to escape monsters in a last-ditch effort to survive.

You will need to kit out your locomotive with an armoury of guns to combat the incoming waves of monsters, and using the game's fairly simple controls you will be desperately trying to gun them all down. You will also need to upgrade your weapons on skills throughout your journey. Each of the runs is fairly short making this a good game to just pick up when you have a few minutes to protect the remnants of humanity.

Recently, Railway Escape has received its Version 0.3 update bringing with it some pretty big upgrades. To begin with, there are two new biomes to take your train through; the Winter biome for some seasonal runs, or the Ocean if you want to risk the wrath of the Kraken. The existing biome, Desert, has also received an overhaul to give it a fresher feel.

A hoard of new enemies has also been made available, no doubt tied in with the new biomes release, all with different health, speed and spawn rates to give you a nice unique challenge per monster. To help you combat these new threats, you can deploy a brand new weapon, the Spikebomb. A perfect weapon against groups of foes, after through the Spikebomb it then explodes and fires shrapnel in all directions, shredding anything in its path.

Railway Escape is available to download now from the App Store and Google Play.

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