If you have ever wanted to expose your children to the 2D fighters of the bygone eras, but worry that seeing Sub Zero ripping out Scorpions’ spine might be a little too traumatising, then you’re in luck as indie developers Frosty Pop have announced their upcoming title; Pillow Champ.

Calling back to the old 2.5D action fighters such as Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat, Pillow Champ throws a bit more of a family spin on things. Pained grunts are now laughter, weapons are now pillows, surprisingly, and blood is feathers, so the only victims here are the duck population. And who doesn’t love a good pillow fight?

There is a wide variety of characters to choose from, including a South Asian grandmother and a non-binary nurse, with each member of the roster based on cultural dances, martial arts, and exercises from around the world. All coming together to take on the dreaded Pillow Ninjas in a host of the most sacred of battlegrounds, including of course the age-old location to settle any dispute, a campground in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

As quite quirky as it sounds, there will be a multitude of modes to play through, including a fleshed-out career mode complete with upgradeable character skills, to create the most deadly pillow wielder you can. You can also grab your friends and duke it out in local multiplayer, or compete to see who can clean a car using acrobatic pillow flailing the fastest.

Now, here is that almighty pillow thwack from the dark; Pillow Champ will only be available for mobiles through Netflix Games when it releases in spring 2024. To access this, and a library of growing quality games, you will need a Netflix subscription starting from $6.99. I hear you also get a few TV series thrown in too.

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