Swag and Sorcery is the latest title from tinyBUILD who you may know from the likes of Punch Club and Graveyard Keeper. They're leaving behind boxing clubs and cemetery tending this time around though and moving into the fantasy realm instead.

You might be familiar with Swag and Sorcery already, particularly if you're an avid PC gamer where it's been available since May 2019. The aim of the game is very straightforward, you make a fantasy village, train a team of heroes, gear them up and send them off to plunder some loot, or swag I guess.

Once they're sent off to battle and loot they'll pretty much handle everything themselves, you can just kick back and decide what you're going to do with all the swag they'll return home with. If you'd like to feel a little more hands-on though there are few spells at your disposal that you can use to help them out in battle. The spells range from damaging fireballs to healing magic.

Though Swag and Sorcery is set in a fantasy village that's very typical of the genre aesthetically, the gear you can equip your heroes from can seemingly be from pretty much any time period. As you can see in the trailer above there are various rifles and even a Flying V guitar available as weapons in addition to standard swords. There is also a nice selection of hats and outfits your heroes can sport beyond suits of amour or mage robes.

Swag and Sorcery is available now over on the App Store. It's a premium title that costs $6.99.

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