Tears of Themis is preparing for the launch of its latest limited-time events, coming January 12th. Named Blizzardous Threads of Red, the story will see the NXX team visit an idyllic snowy landscape, where mystery has struck.

Despite what it sounds like, Blizzardous is not the name of a new Square Enix spell, instead, it refers to the setting of the story, Blizzard Villa. What could have been the scene for a charming getaway turns sour, as misfortune before Mevis Zeng's auction. A host of guests have swarmed to get their hands on ancient, precious treasures, but instead are greeted by a grave disaster.

Attorneys will travel to the Villa with the four members of the NCC Investigation Team to uncover the truth. Was this an accident, is the legend of the soul-reaping snow beast true, or was it a cunning trap? Probably the last one, but to find out you will need to question the Villa guests, hunt for missing artifacts, and solve the Artifact stories connected to the guests to learn the truth. By completing this story you will unlock R cards of the team, a limited Badge, Namecard and more.

As you carry out your investigation, don't forget to check out the Another Year with You reward event. There will be a series of limited-time tasks to complete, rewarding Sweet Persimmons that can be traded for some excellent prizes, such as Tears of Themis - Limited, Chubby Riceball Crisis event R cards, and more excitingly, some past event-limited SR cards you may have missed.

If you are looking for some new clothes, the male leads have Blizzardous-themed outfits in the shops, currently on sale, as well as the Stage and Old Manor Backgrounds. Or, if you feel like trying your luck, you can use your Tears of Themis, Limited or Earthly, to try and obtain themed Visions. Throughout the event, the Limited SSR Cards for each of the team will have an increased draw rate.

Tears of Themis is available to download now on the App Store or Google Play.

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