Make Surreal Images and Learn About Color With Pixl

Posted by Rob Rich on September 2nd, 2011
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

Remember those posters that were pretty big in the 90's? The ones made up of a bunch of teeny tiny images that, when positioned correctly, created a slightly abstract-looking larger image (i.e. Star Wars stills created a portrait of Darth Vader)? Pixl is a photo app designed by Innoiz to do something very similar, just without the pictures-within-a-picture concept.

With Pixl, users can take existing photos and run them through a filter with variable settings that will reduce all of the textures and shades down to basic shapes and flat colors. In other words, instead of using a full image that's predominantly blue (for the sake of argument) as blue for a larger image, it creates a blue box or circle for the same purpose. It's the same basic idea, though. In either case, it results in a stylized abstraction of the image.

Users are also able to take images from within the app, so if they're out walking and see something that would make a good Pixl image they can open it up and get right to work. Photos can then be saved for later viewing in both portrait and landscape orientations. It sounds a little like a gimmicky photo filter app, and depending on the user that might be all it amounts to, but it can also be an incredibly useful learning tool.

Specifically, Pixl seems to be designed more for artists or art students than for someone looking to mess around with their vacation photos. In breaking an image down into basic shades, it allows users to study the way colors react to one another when in close proximity. It also makes it easier to scrutinize color values without visual distractions like texture to get in the way. In short, it's Color Theory.

Anyone looking to have fun making the pictures on their phone look artsy, or those who could use a little help with their swatches, can download Pixl from the App Store right now.


+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad
Released: 2011-08-18 :: Category: Game


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