Super Mecha Champions' latest update sees the addition of a brand new character called R.E.D. Alongside that, there's news about the current season and a series of Emojis that have been added to the game.

But we'll start with that new character because that's always the most interesting part of any update. R.E.D is a teenage girl with a rebellious streak that gives off the impression she's not particularly fussed about, well, anything. However, underneath that veneer, she's a kind individual who's keen on repaying any support she receives.

She was a street-raised child which lead her to fight to be in a position to help those who are oppressed or have become victims of wrongdoing. Her aim is to become the People's Champion and to act as a beacon of hope for those who live in unfortunate circumstances like the ones she grew up in herself.

Beyond that, there will be a host of new Emojis added to the game to give the player's a few more visual options to choose from when chatting to each other. This will be called the Riko-chan emoji series, which is available now alongside the latest update.

Finally, there's an update on the current season, which has been available since December 5th. NetEase says that it's proven to be very popular with players providing a lot of positive feedback. Therefore, they've decided to extend the length of the season until the beginning of March.

Super Mecha Champions is available now over on the App Store and Google Play. It's a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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